Feed Programs & Predator Control

Our feed and predator control programs help sustain our wildlife population

Dear Sportsman,

Since 1992 Jenni and I have been actively involved in promoting the well being of wildlife during the winter on our private ranches. This includes supplemental winter feeding and predator control which is designed to prevent massive Mule deer winter losses and to improve the overall condition and numbers of our Mule deer bucks, does, and fawns. We believe that these are critical steps toward protecting the future of these magnificent animals.

We are passionate about our feed program because we feed on quite a few ranches, and these ranches have great potential for trophy class bucks. The ongoing costs associated with our program are very high; therefore, we encourage your help and support. We welcome any donation, and we appreciate your past support and look forward to hearing from you this year. Our website is updated each year with video footage from our current year’s feed program, so you can see firsthand the benefits of your contribution(s).


Jed & Jenni Wayment

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